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We've been looking after and walking dogs in Edinburgh since 2010. We walk a maximum of FOUR dogs together for fun safe walks and can provide basic training on our walks. As only four dogs are walked together, there is lots of care and attention for your dog.

Whenever you’re at work, away visiting friends, or out doing hobbies, we will provide professional heartfelt care for your much-loved family friend when you’re not at home.

We will come to your home to collect your dog in Edinburgh and take your dog out for an hour walk. We don’t pack walk dogs and this is reflected in the price of our service which is £16 for one dog on a paired walk. We walk no more than four dogs at a time, as we like to give your dog as much individual care as possible – only the best for our much loved furry friends! We don’t walk groups of dogs to enable your dog to get loving trusted pet care for a fun safe walk. Our small walks for small dogs allow us to provide some training on our walks and allows your dog to socialise safely.

Your dog’s paws will be dried off on return and he/she given a treat if allowed. We will leave a short note each day to let you know how your dog has been on their walk.

Before starting our service, we will visit you and your dog at home, for a consultation, to find out all about your dog’s normal routine, likes/dislikes and their vet details. We will record any previous medical history and find out if you have any special requests.


We try, wherever possible, to tailor all walks to our client’s particular needs. We will walk a maximum of two dogs at any one time. If preferred a 30-minute solo walk can be arranged for £15 instead of an hour paired walk.

Puppy Care Visits in Edinburgh

Puppies are wonderfully cute and lots of fun, but they can also be hard work and time-consuming, requiring a great deal of your time, effort and commitment. This is where we can help.

Your puppy will need you to be at home with them for a large part of the day and this sometimes just isn’t possible.

Just like a child, puppies need close supervision, regular feeding and frequent toilet breaks throughout the day. Left unsupervised they can also be a little destructive and prone to chewing furniture.

We can work closely with you to develop your puppy’s character and behaviour in a positive way and help socialise them to prevent them developing any fears and phobias as an adult.

Our puppy visits are normally 30 minutes at a time. During this time we will give your puppy lots of attention and cuddles, alongside some basic training. We will keep your puppy inside until we are confident they are ready to venture outdoors and socialise.

Once fully vaccinated, we can take your puppy out into the garden or for short walks where it will get used to being outdoors and meeting other dogs whom we might meet on our short walks. At all times your puppy will have our full attention, on a one-to-one basis, providing a safer and more enjoyable experience for your puppy compared to a big group of dogs. All puppies need short walks until they are at least 6 months. Puppies bone plates need to form when they are young and exercise should be limited to short times outside. Group dog walking is not suitable for puppies and therefore one to one is suggested for the first 6 months.

At all visits, we will follow your puppy’s normal routine, give them fresh water and feeding as required. After each visit, we will leave you a note on how your puppy has been at the visit.

We can provide puppy visits in your Edinburgh home until your puppy is confident and socialised enough to be able to go out for longer walks. It is recommended that puppies only have very short works initially to allow their bones to fully form and develop. Our one to one service allows plenty of time for all their bones to form and confidence to grow before they go out on a walk with one of our other dogs or continue with our one to one service whatever you choose. We can give your puppy a great start in life.


Prices for puppy services £15 per 30 minute visit, the price includes travel time and mileage time to your home and then to the park/beach and back again, our prices reflect we don’t have large amounts of dogs out in a van as we offer  are a more caring bespoke service for the dogs in our care.

Senior Dog Care Visits in Edinburgh

As dogs get older, they often need lots of extra special care, particularly if they have any medical conditions or have just been for surgery. We can help provide companionship and care for your senior dog when they need it most. They often need to get out to the toilet more often as they get older.

This service is for our beloved golden oldies, or dogs recovering from illness/surgery. I have experience of both caring for an older dog and a dog after surgery. In the last 2 years of his life my own dog, Taz, needed shorter walks and more regular trips out to the toilet. He very much enjoyed his short walks and cuddle time which always perked him up.

We can either take your dog for a short walk or let your dog out into the garden if they would prefer that. We can give them some cuddles and company during the day when you are at work, on holiday or away visiting friends. I used to worry about leaving Taz for too long when he got older, so I understand the anxiety many owners have in caring for older dogs. 

Prices for older/senior dog are  £15 per 30 minute visit.

No Obligation Consultation

Deciding on a pet sitter is a big decision which we fully understand. With this in mind, we offer a no obligation consultation at your home so you can ask us any questions you may have and get to know us a little better. Our one off Registration fee (only if you wish to go ahead after your consultation) is £20 and will be added to your first invoice. There is no charge should you wish not to proceed with our service.

We can meet your pets too and get to know them along with any special requirements they may have. We will collect all your pets normal routines, vet details and also request an emergency contact number. Your pets welfare, happiness and safety are very important to us, therefore the consult can take up to 1 hour if required.

We will also give you our comprehensive client pack and show you our insurance and Disclosure Scotland certificates, along with our client testimonials. If you would also like to speak to some of our existing clients we will be delighted to arrange this.

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