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If you’re going away on holiday, or with work, we can look after your pets in their own home – whenever you’re away.

Our daily pet sitting service is designed to give you peace of mind that your pets are being lovingly looked after in familiar surroundings by a trusted and insured sitter. We will send you daily updates to let you know how your furry friends are getting on.

Our Edinburgh pet-sitting service is a great alternative to catteries & boarding establishments, especially for pets who get nervous and upset while away from home.

We can look after most pets, including cats, gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, chickens, chipmunks, chinchilla’s, rats, tortoises, birds and fish. You can find out a little more about our daily pet visiting service below.


Cat Sitting Visits at Home

Our daily cat visits, in your own home, can be used for both indoor and outdoor cats. A lot of cats can find catteries very stressful and our daily visits are a great alternative for nervous cats, those that don’t like going to a cattery by car, or those cats that like to be pampered in their own home. Cats often prefer to stay in their own familiar home when you’re away. They will be much happier at home and much less likely to suffer from stress or anxiety. Your cat can stay in the comfort of their own home – where they feel happy and safe.

Our daily cat sitting service includes play time, cuddles, preparing food, cleaning bowls and changing water. If your cat has a litter tray we will scoop and clean their litter tray. Our standard visits last up to 30 minutes and you can book once or twice a day visits depending on the specific needs of your cats. We must visit all pets at least once every 24 hours for their safety & welfare.

We can administer daily medication and will complete our own record card which we will leave in your home to show this has been given. Please note that we aren’t able to care for diabetic pets.


Small Furry & Feather Pet Visits at Home

For small furry pets – gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs rabbits and birds – we will change their water and give them fresh food. We will also clean and top up small animal bedding as required. We can also let them out of their cage or hutch for some play-time and exercise.


Cost & What’s Included in Our Daily Pet Sitting Visits

You can book once or twice a day pet visits for your pets. For a breakdown of exactly what’s included, please see below. Cat visits to your home are £20 per visit.  Please book at least 2 weeks in advance. We are unable to take on new clients at less than 2 weeks notice due to the popularity of our service.

At all visits, we will bring in mail, milk, switch lights on/off, water indoor plants and close your curtains. In order to keep our service discreet, and to prevent anyone knowing you’re on holiday, we use a normal, none liveried car.

Our personal standard home visits last up to 30  minutes , costs £20 per visit and includes the following:

  • registration

  • insurance

  • all text, email & telephone updates

  • petrol costs per visit to and from your home

  • up to 1 hours travel time to and from your home

  • cleaning litter trays

  • refreshing bedding*

  • feeding your pet

  • replenishing fresh water

  • keeping pet areas clean & tidy

  • administering medication

  • gentle grooming

  • play time and cuddles

  • watering indoor plants (outdoor watering is extra)

  • bringing in post

  • opening & shutting curtains

  • switching lights on & off

  • checking and securing your home

  • pet updates & sending pictures of your pets

*If you would like a full complete cage or hutch clean for a hamster, guinea pig or rabbit there is an additional £5 charge. This includes removing all the old material, washing down the complete cage/hutch and replenishing with new bedding or sawdust.

If your pets have special requirements, or require medication, please let us know when contacting us to book.

Some holiday dates attract extra charges. Parking charges are chargeable at cost if no free parking is available at the times we visit.


Pet Visiting Times

We offer three pet visiting times during the day:

Morning Visits: 9am-12pm

Afternoon Visits: 2pm-6pm

Evening Visits: 7pm-9pm*

*Evening pet visits, between 7pm and 9pm, carry a £5 supplement to the normal charge.


No Obligation Consultation

Deciding on a pet sitter is a big decision which we fully understand. With this in mind, we offer a no obligation consultation at your home so you can ask us any questions you may have and get to know us a little better. Our one off Registration fee (only if you wish to go ahead after your consultation) is £20 and will be added to your first invoice. There is no charge should you wish not to proceed with our service.

We can meet your pets too and get to know them along with any special requirements they may have. We will collect all your pets normal routines, vet details and also request an emergency contact number. Your pets welfare, happiness and safety are very important to us, therefore the consult can take up to 1 hour if required.

We will also give you our comprehensive client pack and show you our insurance and Disclosure Scotland certificates, along with our client testimonials. If you would also like to speak to some of our existing clients we will be delighted to arrange this.

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