Leaving your pets behind as you head out on a long-planned vacation, a last minute getaway, or even on business might give you a nervous feeling . Maybe you were forced to leave them in the care of a friend or a family member who just doesn’t know how to care for pets properly. Or, maybe you had to board your beloved pets at a kennel or a cattery. Enjoy your holiday with peace of mind by hiring a professional Edinburgh pet sitter.

Here are just some of the traits that make a good pet sitter:

You’ve probably heard or even experienced that timeless dilemma: You need experience to get a job but you need a job to gain experience. When you consider the experience of a professional pet sitter, look at more than just her experience as a pet sitter, especially if that experience is minimal. Has she cared for animals in other jobs?

Does she have any pet care related experience? Consider a professional pet sitter’s overall experience before hiring. We have been petsitting for over 5 years in Edinburgh.

Animal lover
Only those who really love animals can understand how valued and beloved pets are to their families. A good pet sitter loves animals and will care for her clients with the same love and dedication as she cares for her own pets. An animal lover will enjoy playing with your pets and will provide them with the same love and attention to which they are accustomed.

Opt for a professional pet sitter – the keyword is professional. A professional pet sitter has a business plan. She provides each client with a contract, has procedures in place to ensure the best care for clients and schedules a meet and greet for the pet sitter, the pets, and the client prior to scheduling visits for a new client. A professional pet sitter should also have a backup plan. If the pet sitter can’t make it, she will have a backup in place so your pets never miss a scheduled visit.

Many pets are sensitive. Some suffer from separation anxiety while others will just miss their families.Like their beloved pets, families will likely miss their pets, maybe even calling or texting each day asking for an update. A good pet sitter is compassionate. She understands that some pets will need extra attention and you may need reassurance that everything is okay.

A good pet sitter has the patience to give the necessary medication, even when a pet struggles or becomes sick, and to take the time to develop a strong relationship with the pets and their humans. She also knows that family members may become worried and may be a little overprotective when it comes to their beloved pets.

So, they might call more frequently when they first leave. Or, they may ask for more frequent updates. A pet sitter may need to exhibit more patience with a new client who isn’t used to leaving her pets home alone. What do you think makes a good pet sitter, call us today on 0131 333 0640 to see how we can help care for your furry family next time you can be there.

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