Looking to Hire a Professional Dog Walker in Edinburgh?

You should do thorough research when choosing a dog walker and ask plenty of questions.

There are a lot of dog walkers in Edinburgh just now, but not all companies operate in the same way. Some do one to one dog walks, some small groups and some walk over 10 dogs at a time – you need to think what is best for your dog. What kind of dog walking company is best suited to your dog?

Below is a list of important questions to ask when interviewing potential dog walkers;

What dog experience does your dog walker have?

Ask as many questions as you can to make sure they are right for your beloved pet. How long have you been a dog walker? Do you own your own dog? Are they registered with Edinburgh Council to walk in the Edinburgh Parks? Do you have references from current clients?  Find out what current clients like about a particular professional dog walking service. We would be happy for any potential clients to speak to current clients to find out about our dog walker service. We have been dog walking since 2010. It is worth meeting a couple to see you meets your dogs needs the best.

Do they have professional contracts and forms?

A professional will find out about your dogs’ medical history, likes/dislikes, normal routine and vet details. Our consultation takes around an hour to find out all about your dogs. This is important to provide the best care possible for your furry friend. We will complete a detailed dog information sheet, contract and find out your dogs vet details.

How many dogs do you walk at a time?

Some dogs prefer small group walks or one to one walks for individual attention and care.  You need to check how long your dog will be travelling for and how they will be transported to the park. We walk a maximum of 2 dogs at any one time and this is reflected in our price. We can walk from your home if your dog does not like the car. Some dogs love the car and it is one big adventure. We feel by pairing your dog with only one other dog your dog gets the attention and care it deserves, whilst still having a friend to play with on their walk. Solo dog walks can also be catered for.

What would you do in an emergency?

All professionals will be able to tell you what they do in an emergency. Please ask to see their insurance at the registration visit and make sure your emergency contact details at the initial consultation and find out what they are covered for. Not all dog walkers have insurance so make sure the one you use has. We complete a vet form at our consultation and discuss with you what we would do should an emergency with your pet arrive. It is very unlikely but preparation is important in the event your dog should be injured on a walk. We have completed a course in basic canine first aid.

What is the cost of using a dog walker?

The price depends on what type of dog walking service are you looking for? Most dog walkers who group walk up to the council recommend maximum number of 6-8 dogs is £10 -12 for an hr walk. Our prices at £15 reflect that we walk a maximum of two dogs at any one time. We also offer a 30 min one to one dog walk and a puppy pop in pet visiting service at £15. It is important that puppies are not over walked and don’t go out on a group until they are ready.

Puppies bones need to form correctly and over exercising them in a group of lively dogs can cause bone problems later on. We would not recommend a puppy go on a group walk till over 6 months old. They can still meet with other dogs they meet in the park or at a beach on an individual one to one puppy walk as it is important that your puppy gets to meet other dogs. We would also recommend you take your puppy to a puppy training class in Edinburgh before they are 20 weeks old.

What area do you cover in Edinburgh for dog walking ?

Find out what size of territory they cover and how long your dog will be in transportation, this is especially important in the summer months when if can be quite hot. Especially is you have one of the brachycephalic dog breeds including the English bulldog, French bulldog, Pug, Pekingese, and Boston terrier who can struggle with breathing in the heat.

Areas we cover for dog walking in Edinburgh are Barnton, Cammo, Crammond, Corstorphine,  Currie, East Craigs, South Gyle and  Ratho. If space we will cover other nearby areas in West Edinburgh. We can often recommend another professional dog walker in Edinburgh if we are unable to help.

What is the most important factor for you and your dog when hiring a professional dog walker?

We want all our clients to be happy with our trusted services when they are at work and their dog to have fun on their walks. Contact us  https://www.edinburghpetservices.co.uk/contact-edinburgh-pet-services/  to see how we can help you and your dog have enjoyable walkies.

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