Checklist For Hiring A Dog Walker ; Sometimes risk is fun. Trying out a new restaurant and selecting something new on the menu is fun. But, you should never take a risk when hiring a dog walker for your fur baby. We often get asked, “what questions should I ask when my Edinburgh dog walker comes for a home consultation?”

You should check if they can provide references. A professional dog walker will have current and former clients in Edinburgh. Ask for references and contact information – either a phone number or an email address for current clients. Don’t just ask for the references either. Use them. Find out what the clients like and did not like about the professional dog walking service. You should, do thorough research, contact references, and ask as many questions as possible to ensure you are making the right decision for you and for your dog.

Here is a checklist of important questions to ask when interviewing your Edinburgh dog walker:

What experience do you have? Is the dog walker brand new in Edinburgh or backed by years of experience? You don’t have to immediately disqualify a new dog walker, especially if she has experience with dogs. Do they own their own dog? Keep asking questions to see if she is the right choice.

Are clients required to sign a contract? This is important so you both know what service you are getting. A contract is essential to protecting you, your dog, and the dog walker.

How will your keys be kept safe? Can you see a copy of the insurance certificate, it is essential that you see this to make sure your dog walker is insured. Unfortunately not everyone has insurance, often how they can charge so little for dog walking. Its not worth taking the risk. We are a Limited company and our insurance is with Pet Business Insurance.

How many dogs does your dog walker, walk at a time? Would your dog prefer pack walks where they go out with 6-8 dogs and get collected in a van or would you like one-on-one dog walking in Edinburgh rather than group dog walking? With a individual solo walk, your dog will receive personal one on one care and attention. If the Edinburgh dog walker does group walks, how long is the walk and how long is my dog in the van for? Is the van air conditioned for a hot summers day? This is especially important if you have a flat faced or black dog who are often prone to overheating.

What is the price of dog walking? The cost is a lot lower for group walks versus one-on-one walks as the dog walker is taking out often 6-8 dogs at a time on a walk compared to just one dog on a solo walk. It is all personal preference. Edinburgh council set a guideline for 6-8 dogs on a group walk but this is a recommendation not a rule. Make sure the dog walker can handle large groups. We only walk a maximum of two dogs at any one time.

Questions about the walk to ask;

Does the professional dog walker walk alone or will someone else join them from time to time or on a consistent basis? If the dog walker does walk with a friend or someone else, will that take away from the attention she provides to your dog?

Emergency protocol for walking your dog;

What are your emergency protocols? Even professionals experience emergencies: sudden illness, a broken down vehicle, and so on. What type of emergency protocols does the dog walker have to ensure your dog won’t miss his scheduled walks? Is there a backup dog walker? Will they have time to take my dog to the vet.

Emergencies can happen. Does the prospective dog walker have any training in pet first aid? Can make a bid difference in the case of an emergency and getting your pet quickly to the vet.

Will your walker contact you first? Or will you provide permission for the dog walker to seek veterinary attention first? Be sure to find out what happens in case of an emergency.

Payment method

How and when do you receive payment? If you plan to use a professional dog walker on a consistent basis, you must know when (before or after the dog walking appointments) your payment is due and the type of payment – cash, bank transfer, or credit card. Will you get a receipt? We will send all clients an invoice at the start of each week for walks to be paid by bank transfer or by paypal. We have a book keeper who does all our accounts. We prefer not to accept cash. What is the cancellation policy.? Dog walkers will still need paid if you cancel at very short notice as your dog will have been allocated space in the diary, our cancellation is 72 hours.

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