There have been lots of products over the years which claim to make it easier to clean up your dog’s waste from the back garden. Most have been pretty ineffectual, but there’s now a new kid on the block called the “Dooup Complete Pet Waste Cleaner” which actually seems rather good!

The team behind the Dooup recently appeared on BBC2’s Dragons’ Den and, despite not impressing the Dragons, we think they may be on to something. Picking up poo is never a particularly nice task and there’s no doubt that removing it quickly and cleanly is very important for the good all round health of your family and pets.

So what makes this new poop scooper so good? Well, we don’t think it’s perfect and it’s certainly quite pricey, but it does make a very good job of picking up poop cleanly and hygienically. If you have children that share a back garden with a dog, this could make life a lot easier and keep them safer from any nasties lurking in the dog waste.

The unit is fairly large, but it’s very easy to use and stores away around a weeks worth of waste in just one bag which is fitted into the machine. You simply place the Dooup over your dog’s waste and press down firmly on the handle and then tilt it backwards to deliver the waste into the onboard bag.

Even better, you can fill the unit with a sanitiser which is then sprayed on the area when you press down the handle, helping to kill off any bacteria and parasites which may otherwise be left behind.

The acid test for any new poop scooper is whether it can deal with very soft waste and vomit. The unit seems to do this very well and this is a real bonus because this is the kind of stuff we really don’t like having to get near!

We really like the new Dooup. It actually works and is great for protecting you, your family and the environment.

If you would like to find out more about this innovative product please visit their website: or have a sneaky peek at their promotional video below: