You’re packing your luggage, preparing for a long-awaited holiday. Your cat sits, intently watching you, aware that something is about to happen … yikes – my pawparent is  going away again !!!

If your cat could talk, do you think they would be asking you to check them into a cattery during your time away – or, do you think they would prefer to remain in the comfort of their own home, napping away the hours and enjoying spoiling from a professional, experienced cat sitter and cat lover?

Here are five reasons why we think your Cat will love our Edinburgh Cat Sitting Service:

One-on-one attention
Unless you know a cattery well, putting your cat in one can sometimes be like rolling dice: How much one-on-one attention she will receive really depends on how many other cats the cattery is hosting and whether there are enough employees. If the cattery is busy, she may get very little attention. With a cat sitter, however, your cat will be the centre of attention just as they are  accustomed to and deserves.

No uncomfortable transitions
No one likes stress. Imagine being plucked out of the comfort of your own home and checked into a strange place, where you know no one, eat when you’re told, and live by new rules. Your cat may experience that when boarded at a cattery. She must learn how to adapt to a new routine, which can take time and may prove stressful. Then, when she returns home again, she will have the transition back to her normal routine. She may be stressed during the transition and, likely, so will you.

No travelling
An unhappy cat will let you know she’s not happy. And, you probably won’t be too happy when your cat is unhappy. Your cat may be one of the many who becomes stressed when they are  forced to travel, especially in the car. They  will love a cat sitter because they  don’t have to endure the upset of travelling. Instead, your cat  will remain at home where her new friend will visit her each day and lavish her with attention, treats, and play time.

Keeping with routine
Most animals, including their two-legged counterparts, are creatures of habit. Most cats thrive in a routine and may be become stressed, or even sick, when their routine is disrupted. Your cat will meow for joy when her cat sitter visits her each day at home to make sure she has enough food, water, and attention.

No surprises
Sure, cats have a reputation for being fiercely independent. Most live on their own terms, coming to their human friends for affection and play when the mood strikes. That independent streak, however, may cause some people to leave their cat at home alone – with an automatic water & food dispenser – for several days at a time. A lot can happen when a cat is home alone – a sudden burst of plumbing, unexpected illness, a malfunctioning water or food dispenser – and you may return home to a damaged property and/or an unwell and hungry cat.

Both you and your cat will love having a cat sitter to ensure she remains happy and healthy while you are away. It’s all about peace of mind and putting your cat first.

If you live in Edinburgh and think your cat would like a dedicated and caring cat sitter, please call Fiona on (0131) 333 0640 or Email us.

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